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COVID-19 Clinic Attendance

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Updated March 03, 2023

GLOW will follow advice from SA Health and our clinical experts to protect our

patients, doctors, and staff.  We will re-introduce additional or new restrictions

which may be at minimal notice at our discretion or as mandated.

Especially during a surge in cases, or high-risk situations.

On arrival and Screening Patients

Patients are to stay home if they have any coughs, colds, or flu like symptoms

and cannot enter our rooms until any acute symptoms have cleared.  We will

continue to screen patients on arrival. A phone/telehealth consult can be

organised if suitable. Please attend your appointment with only one (1)

support person for social distancing measures.

No Children other than newborns are to enter our rooms.

Vaccination Status

Our preference is for all patients to be vaccinated; however, our rooms will

continue to provide a service to all patients regardless of their vaccination

status. We may ask for proof of vaccination on occasion.

For COVID Positive Patients

Please call GLOW on 7082 3788 to reschedule your appointment,

alternatively a telehealth or phone consult can be arranged if suitable.

Stay home until your acute symptoms have cleared (usually 5 to 7 days) you

may enter our rooms on day 8 if you have no symptoms.

For Close Contacts      

Our practice prefers close contacts stay home, to monitor for symptoms for up

to 7 days – you may be able to enter our rooms on day 8, with no symptoms,

again a telehealth or phone consult can be arranged if suitable or

rescheduling your appointment.

Following these close contact guidelines for at least 7 days will help to protect

our vulnerable patients, doctors, and staff, while you are potentially infectious.


Masks are encouraged but not mandatory unless there is a high-risk situation.

Thank you for your understanding.


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