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COVID-19 Pregnancy Management Advice

The direct implication of COVID-19 in pregnancy appears to be low, however the data is early and very limited. In view of this, pregnancy schedules and services will be modified ahead to maximise safety:

- Pregnancy appointments will now be kept to essential reviews only - All face to face appointments will be kept to 15 minutes or less to reduce transmission risk - Pregnancy ultrasounds will now only be performed if absolutely essential - Telehealth appointments will be utilised if possible for non-urgent reviews - Your individual pregnancy schedule will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly

IF we find ourselves in the unfortunate scenario of a positive COVID-19 case at GLOW Specialists we will be closed for a minimum of 14 days so we are doing our best to contain and minimise any risk.

We want to reassure you that your pregnancy care with GLOW Specialists will not be compromised. We are making these changes to protect our patients while maintaining our usual high standard of care.

Thank you for your kind understanding. We will be reviewing the situation constantly and keeping you updated.

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